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-item:150014- -Designed in 2014- Chefs delight with the cabbage duo! The little white and amber mice..
-item:150214- -Designed in 2014- The white and amber mice are having a good time trying on this over..
-item:150114- -Designed in 2014- This little amber mouse is tucked into the top of a leprechaun's ..
-item:150314- -Designed in 2014- Holiday table and desk, to decoration. Festive & Fun, Great Gif..
-item:150414- -Designed in 2014- This wee leprechaun is wearing a traditional looking hat and has a ..
-item:150614- -Designed in 2014- This 5 inch mischievous leprechaun is wishing you luck as he admire..
-item:150514- -Designed in 2014- This 5in amber mouse is wearing a bowler hat with an orange band an..
-item:150914- -Designed in 2014- This 6 inch amber mouse is all dressed up for an Irish celebratio..
-item:151014- -Designed in 2014- This 6 inch amber mouse is all dressed up to attend a special cel..
-item:150714- -Designed in 2014- This 6 inch amber mouse is sure to express your Irish Pride as it..
-item:151114- -Designed in 2014- This mischievous leprechaun is holding a wee bit of luck with the..
5" Irish Balloon Mouse -40%
-Item: 150413- -Designed in 2013- Celebrate your Irish heritage everyday with Annalee! This design m..
$18.50 $11.10
5" Shamrock Boy Mouse -40%
-Item: 150213- -Designed in 2013- A friend would be lucky to receive this little lad from you this..
$16.50 $9.90
5" St. Paddy's Coin Mouse -40%
-Item: 150513- -Designed in 2013- This wee Irish mouse presents some lucky gold coins to somebody sp..
$18.50 $11.10
6" St. Patrick's Girl Mouse -40%
-Item: 150713- -Designed in 2013- Here's a precious Irish mouse to add to your St.Paddy's Day décor!..
$22.50 $13.50