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-item:100014- -Designed in 2014- Sweet white mouse is holding a heart shaped chocolate treat for a l..
-item:100614- -Designed in 2014- This cuddly white kitty is having fun playing with her toy mouse ak..
-item:100314- -Designed in 2014- Sweet message of love mouse is holding a heart shaped lollipop. Gre..
-item:100414- -Designed in 2014- Sweet sentiments held by this adorable 6 inch grey mouse. Conversat..
-item:101014- -Designed in 2014- This white mouse is the perfect gift for the crafty girl in your ..
-item:100514- -Designed in 2014- Let this adorable design express to your loved one that they have t..
-item:100714- -Designed in 2014- This cheerful Valentine Fairy is ready to act as Cupid and send V..
-item:100814- -Designed in 2014- This white mouse is dressed in a red vest which is adorned with tin..
-item:100914- -Designed in 2014- This lovely white mouse has made a special card to send to her lo..
-item:101314- -Designed in 2014- This amber Chef Mouse is holding a whoopie pie. He is dressed in ..
-item:101214- -Designed in 2014- This amber mouse is dressed in a pink and red striped dress with wh..
4" Valentine Kitty -40%
-Item: 100213- -Designed in 2013- This cuddly kitty is crafting up a heart to give that special some..
$18.50 $11.10
5" Hugs & Kisses Boy Mouse -40%
-Item: 100413- -Designed in 2013- Here is a dashing mouse that will bring hugs and kisses to the o..
$22.50 $13.50
5" I Love You Girl Mouse -40%
-Item: 100313- -Designed in 2013- This precious little mouse in a sweet Valentine dress and a pair..
$22.50 $13.50
6" Be Mine Mouse -40%
-Item: 100813- -Designed in 2013- Sure to melt hearts, this sweet little boy mouse in cozy cords and..
$22.50 $13.50
6" Cupid Angel Mouse -40%
-Item: 100713- -Designed in 2013-LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! Taking aim and making your frie..
$22.50 $13.50
6" Love Grows Mouse -40%
-Item: 100613- -Designed in 2013- Plant a seed of love with Annalee! Send this Valentine mouse to ..
$22.50 $13.50
8" Gift Box Kitty -40%
-Item: 101013- -Designed in 2013- Back by popular demand! This time the cute kitty is causing mischi..
$25.00 $15.00
8" Some Bunny Loves You -40%
-Item: 101113- -Designed in 2013- Hopping down the bunny trail with her balloon, this cute cottont..
$25.00 $15.00
8" Valentine Boy Mouse -40%
-Item: 101213- -Designed in 2013- Bringing roses to his sweetie, this dapper 8-inch mouse will give ..
$25.00 $15.00